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VetLine Medical Ltd is a Latvian company, which in 2007 obtained the license for wholesale and retail of veterinary medicine and the license to retail pet nutrition and nutritional supplements. Since company’s establishment day, VetLine Medical Ltd represents Vetoquinol S.A. – a recognizable producer of veterinary medicine and nutritional supplements and since 2008 also a high quality dog and cat nutrition producer Farmina Pet Foods. The company has been growing along with the number of its customers; therefore, we have established collaboration with other veterinary producers, such as, Agraplan Farmaca BV, Profeed, MPM Products Limited Ltd, Biozoo S/N, RX Vitamins Inc., Crocci SPA, Interchemie AS etc.

Our mission is to help customers increase their value, at the same time increasing ours. Day after day we are visiting our customers to speak about their problems and necessities. Keeping in mind their demand, we choose new suppliers and collaboration partners. We feel sure that knowing and understanding the desires and needs of our customers, we can offer the most suitable solutions, saving customer’s time and making their day easier and more pleasant.

Our aim is to offer vets only high quality veterinary medicine and pet goods. For the very reason each year we take part in local events, such as annual veterinary conference, zoo exhibitions etc. and organize educational seminars for vets.

Our main value is our customers- the ones which stand together with VetLine Medical Ltd. since our first day and those, which have joined our circle of customers just recently. Our second value is our employees. Their knowledge, professionalism and personal attitude strengthens our main value- our customers.

Our strategy is high quality work. Our employees ensure it by a continuous education, following the changes in veterinary law and finding the best solution for each customer. We are oriented on long-term relationship with our customers; therefore, their desires and needs are our priority!